Drum Into Your Bliss

Sheridan seeks to help people unlock their creative juices. She knows through first hand experience that playing what is in your heart is a way to get in touch with your soul, and getting in touch with your soul is one of the keys to GREAT PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH. She also believes strongly, that drumming is a way to make connections with others. When you blend drumming and connection together, you create drumming bliss.


In drum circles that she facilitates, Sheridan helps people feel at ease by helping them connect with one another through simple exercises such as finding a partner and discovering what they have in common and creating a rhythm to represent that commonality. In doing so, those pairs then have a connection to each other and as they teach the rhythm to the circle participants, they have connection to the group.


After people feel comfortable with the drum, they are encouraged to bring more of their own individual spirits into the rhythm. In musical terms, people are encouraged to improvise. With a little bit of guidance, drum circle attendees are off and running with beautiful, unique rhythms which can release the shy parts of themselves.


Sheridan relates the process of improvisation to stepping into a cool lake. First you slowly slide your toes into the water and test the temperature. When the water is comfortable enough, you insert your feet, then your ankles, then your legs, then the rest your body. Ahhh….Bliss.