Sheridan finds a way to keep classes interesting and motivating for all ages. Her youngest students have been 6 years old, and her oldest student is 88. She brings her experience in Music Education and Special Education to meet learners in their own learning styles. Because some people learn best by hearing and feeling, and others by repetition and drills, a student can expect a plethora of teaching methods in Sheridan’s classes.


It might be, “I do it, we do it, you do it” or looking at written notation, or watching her videos that she makes specifically for her students, or listening to her audio tracks in your car. Her philosophy is, “There’s lots of ways to get to the top of the mountain!”



Group Classes FOR FUN

Students always leave Sheridan’s classes laughing and feeling rejuvenated. They tell her that it’s more than drumming to them - it’s connection with each other as well as the music that is important to them.

Sheridan teaches West African and Congolese rhythms. More advanced than drum circles, people wanting to learn to play the drums are taught the three basic sounds (tone, slap, bass) through repetition and drills, as well as songs and rhythms. She also teaches basic music theory, such as counting, finding the beat, and reading notation. She encourages leadership and initiative, as well as how to be a good follower. She helps her students have the courage to solo, to improvise, to relax and enjoy.


Classes are taught either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the needs of the students.



Private Instruction FOR ANXIETY

Want to perform but are afraid? Are you on lock down due to stress or performance anxiety? Drumming can help you unlock your inner musician-the one who is afraid to play or improvise or perform. In a private, safe environment, Sheridan can help you relax and enjoy music, either again or for the first time.


Through drumming, Sheridan can help classically trained musicians with the anxiety that stops them from truly enjoying themselves on stage. She’ll push, but just far enough. Through laughing and games and in a safe environment, Sheridan encourages you to embrace that little one who lives inside of you and is dying to come out. You never know, you just may fall in love with performance again.




Part of learning is performing. Sheridan arranges an annual recital for friends and family of her students. Her students are able to meet each other and see what each class is learning. Performing gives an end goal to coming to class and is extremely important for the developing musician. Of course, if someone doesn’t want to perform in the recital, they don’t have to. Don’t let the recital stop you from learning to drum, but it’s there if you reconsider! (Many of Sheridan’s students were nervous, but they stuck it out and were so happy they were in the recital!)

Instruction Videos: