Sheridan seeks to help people access the uninhibited part of their inner child as well as the strength of their inner-warrior. She does this by teaching the drum. One of her mottos is:


There are lots of ways to get to the top of the mountain!


Getting to the top of the mountain can be obtained by climbing, being carried, or being flown. Like getting to the top of the mountain in these various ways, Sheridan uses many different strategies to help her students “get it.” In addition to traditional teaching methods (call and response, notation, and repetition), she uses video, audio, movement, and visualization. Sheridan understands the needs of her students and adjusts her lessons as necessary.


The other motto she believes in is:


If you can sing it, you can play it!


Sheridan teaches in a unique way by helping her students make up words and rhymes to different rhythms. That strategy helps many of her students remember the rhythms more easily, and it’s fun! (Conversely, if you can’t sing it, you won’t be able to play it.)


Your inner warrior is waiting. When you transfer your drumming skills into the rest of your life, your strength may show up in surprising places!


Come and discover your uninhibited inner-child. Come play with Sheridan!!!