What Sheridan’s students are saying about their own evolution:

Feedback from June 6th concert:

Roberta: Sheridan is an amazing drumming teacher and a great person to take lessons from. Her classes are small and personal and she creates an environment where it's safe to take chances - a most important ingredient when learning a new skill. While she creates a certain consistency each week, every class is different, offering a new skill set, and a myriad of ways for us to improvise, practice and always have lots of fun. While learning how to play the djembe, we get to play with other types of drums and bells, build our confidence - especially when we solo,- and get to participate in a yearly performance where we get to show off what we have learned.  I couldn't ask for a better class and a more supportive, empowering person to teach it........Sheridan is the best.......


Lillian: Great teacher!  The classes are fun,  stimulating, and provide  great mental exercise!


Nancy: Sheridan manages to impart the magic of drumming and the sure teaching of drumming in one fell swoop.  Her classes and drum circles have been rich, and I am better for it.



Carly: Drumming is an empowering and liberating outlet for me that continues to grow.  I eagerly look forward to class and collaborating with the wonderful women who are there. Thank you Sheridan!


Elaine: I am a secret musician who is ready to go public.


Caroline: Drumming is opening up to the life force, tapping into and collaborating with the mysterious pulse in us, in nature, in all life.  Through rhythm and sound I travel through time to ancient depths and unknown possibilities in myself.  Drumming is communion, communication, story, spirit, freedom!


Kathleen: I play drum cradled in the circle of women.  I take a risk, feel support, I feel shy and feel understood, I express strength and feel empowerment reflected back, I let my body go into the rhythm of the drum and I feel glimmers of unity flow in the circle.


Leslie: Ah, drumming.  I drum when I walk, I drum when I am sitting at my computer, I drum when I drive.  There's this beat inside of me that won't ever stop.  Thanks, Sheridan, finally, for a legitimate outlet!


Colleen: Drumming is fun, a joyful communion of rhythmic play. Drumming has also been a doorway for me to experience the richness of other cultures through rhythm, song and movement.


Christopher: Quick lightening rumble and fun!!!


Jackson: Drumming makes me strong and it’s so much fun!


Ilene: Drumming is a respite in my busy week, my adult play time.  Its also a way back to my musical creativity that I've missed.  I am absolutely loving playing with other women and being able to create that wonderful sound and beat together.


Judika: As an adult I get to give my wounded  hyperactive child an opportunity to shine. I am not quieting my voice of my self expression when I am drumming. I see drumming as natural way to bring all parts of myself into the learning experience and join with others who may also “drum to a different beat …”


Janni: Drumming means feeling more alive in a bunch of ways, and all at the same time -- playing, focusing, working as a team... and most of all the exhilaration and joy of weaving sounds and rhythms together.


Sherry: Drumming keeps me centered and rejuvenates my soul, while drumming in community is inspiring and makes me proud to witness the awesome progress of those learning with me.

Phebe: I am part of a community of women whose hearts beat together and whose hands drum out life’s rhythms. Our drumming circle brings me joy and enriches my life.


Vanessa: Playing drums for me has been a dream come true. I love the release of emotions when drumming.


Denise: Drumming found its way into my life when I needed it most! Through it I find challenge, release, connection, self confidence, heart, soul and a whole lot of fun! I am grateful to the tree that gave of its wood, the goat that gave of its skin and the teacher who gave of her knowledge, time and gift! Thank you Sheridan Gold!


 CJ: Drumming has been a major part of my healing, helping me come into alignment with my highest self and honoring my relationship to the rhythm of me in the present. What a beautiful gift.


Dori: Drumming has brought me great joy! Not only am I learning to drum, it has been very healing as well.


Lyn: Drumming has put a happy rhythm in my life.


Elaine: Studying with Sheridan for over two years has taught me to translate the music that I intuitively know and feel into music that others can hear. The handpan, for me, is a natural extension of that: a percussion instrument that sings melodic.


Carolyn: Percussion, the sounds of drumming, the vibration of the instruments, the rhythms of all kinds of music from rhythm and blues to Igor Stravinsky make me feel vibrant and full of life and happiness.


Nancy: Drumming is the first adventure of my retirement. I've come to really enjoy it and the wonderful women I drum with. Thank you for opening the door to the rest of my life!


Lillian: It is challenging - to the brain and the ear - but the reward, when you finally really hear and understand the connected parts,  is fantastic.  It is this perfect combination of fun, work, and reward.  The side benefit is meeting some great people!


Kate: Drumming has helped me explore a part of myself that I did not know I had while enjoying the company of extraordinary women.


Jolene: Community with amazing, sweet, and brilliant women.  I love to feel the deep sounds of the drum within my body. It's authentic and primal.



Lauren: WOW! What a beautiful Show. I felt the music in me! (Isn't that a song?) Truly and absolutely amazing! I loved it. I had no idea that it would be so moving for me. I really see how magical, emotional and freeing spiritual music can be. I told Kris I was right where I needed to be. Sher, you are absolutely amazing. Kris and I really enjoyed watching your laughter and expressions while the animal story was being told. We knew you were good, but not that good!


Jeannie: Hi wonderful women, thank you so much for inviting me to last night's performance. It was a beautiful evening filled with exceptional talent. I loved seeing such joy and passion in your faces, and I am inspired by your bravery and the way you just give so freely.


Noreen: Sheridan, it was so amazing to see you perform and how the whole concert was put together. The spirit of the event still resonates inside of me and a few things I want to share with you. The premise of healing. My physical, emotional and spiritual being needed to hear that I can heal from wounds old and new. Di's words of "be tender with our weaknesses" (something to that effect) reminds me to be gentle with myself so I can be kind to others. The negative words inside my head are quieting. I am grateful that you both are in my life.


Chelsea: Thank you so much for performing for us all tonight. I will be replaying your gifted performance over in my mind, humbled by your passion and professionalism. I hope that it becomes an annual celebration, so more people can experience your talents!


Elaine: Sheridan, the evening of performances was truly spectacular. Each segment beautiful and healing, the feelings pure and uplifting! Thank you for having the courage to express your gifts so that the rest of us can benefit. Your compositions, your playing, your bringing together of community, of letting others' gifts shine--each element added up to an incredible evening of transporting the group to a sacred place.

Donna: Congratulations Sher and friends! You all were awesome! Thank you for a wonderful and magical night that filled me with hope.


Elaine: Your show was fabulous - and I love your CD that I bought!


Jan: Sher - my voice activation spelled your name Share but you know after last night I think that's an appropriate spelling of your name because what you shared with everyone and what you orchestrated and created there was so healing for everyone and I'll always remember watching my dad and he was just so enthralled and watching everything with rapt attention.


Rene: Sheridan, I am still high over our experience. Are you sure I belonged there with you guys? Thank you very much for putting together such wonderful performance. The beginning and the were magical and it shows how immense your creativity is. I am grateful that I was part of this experience and the good that is doing for the homeless and for healing.


Sara: What a pleasant surprise for me that I was able to go inside with most of the songs and feel the love and healing energy.  I also was surprised at all the talent.  I can see why you have wanted to get Sheridan up on stage for us all to enjoy.